About IFSI

Pune International Literary Festival has seen 6 years of resounding success and it will continue its journey into the years to come. With the changing times, we also feel the need to diversify and test new paths - paths that would lead inwards, in the face of our chaotic outer existence.

And so, Team PILF takes great pleasure in announcing a brand new festival in Pune, titled International Festival of Spiritual India

3 days of Knowing, Learning, Discovering...

Objectives of the International Festival of Spiritual India :

- To demystify the concept of spirituality and bring it to the grass-root level for everyone
- To make us aware of what Spiritual India means and understand and try to imbibe its values in our day-to-day existence
- To understand and connect the myriad thoughts and concepts of spirituality in other parts of the world with those in spiritual India
- To encourage everyone to find their own path of spirituality
- To tap and rediscover the deeply engraved spirituality already within us

About the Festival Director :

Dr. Manjiri Prabhu, fondly labelled by the media as the 'Desi Agatha Christie' is an international author of 15 books, a short-filmmaker and Founder and Director of the Pune International Literary Festival.

Manjiri believes that everything happens for a reason. She also believes in Soul Connections and Twin Flames and messages from the Universe and that people come into your life for a reason.

Being an avid dog and cat lover, she feels that there is a lot to learn from the animal kingdom and firmly believes that the simple route to peace on this earth, begins with the unconditional love of dogs.

Meta-physical experiences related to auras, energies, crystals, planets, past-life connections and others, all make sense to her and she feels that an understanding of them is essential to complete the real, scientific meaning of existence.

Spirituality for her is an unfailing companion on your journey of life and once you are aware of it, you are never lonely nor lost.